Georgie and the Birthday Girl Press Kit
With an original story, beautiful artwork, amazing animation, fun interactivity, voice narration and sound effects, Georgie and the Birthday Girl is an adorable story perfect for kids young and old.

What is Georgie and the Birthday Girl?

This app will take readers on a fun journey with Georgie the dog and his friends as they prepare a special musical gift for their friend, Pebbles the Panda. Not only does this app give children the opportunity to practise their reading skills, as they follow along with the narrator, it also teaches children to be resourceful.

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Key Features

  • Interactive animation
  • Pick a reading mode: either Read to Me or Read by Myself
  • Tap the characters to trigger additional dialogue
  • Clear and crisp English story narration
  • Text highlighting option
  • Listen to all the instruments
  • Interact with all characters
  • Sing along with Georgie
  • Pop the balloons

And much, much more…

Price & Availability

Georgie and the Birthday Girl is available on the App Store worldwide, for both iPad and iPhone, for the price of just £2.29.

Downloadable images

Below are a selection of downloadable retina screenshots. Feel free to right-click and download at full resolution.

iPad Screenshots

iPhone Screenshots

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